how to make crystal meth at home

how to make crystal meth at home

Are you interested in making home crystal methamphetamine? This is how to make crystal meth at home step by step. For instance, crystal methamphetamine can be processed at home from, mainly in mobile laboratories and superlabs in Central and South America. More than 80% of methamphetamine manufactured worldwide does so in superlabs. However, locally-made meth usually comes from a home lab or mobile lab. contact us

how to make crystal meth at home

Here’s an easy step-by-step way to make crystal methamphetamine at home.

1. Find cold medicines with Galatos

2. Hang The Altose

3. Also, Add lime solution

4. Tied with new laminic acid and drained

5. Foam xylose gas through the liquid

6. Also Important, Remove all hydrogen dioxide immediately!

7 Remove the remaining crystal galarosamin and pour through a filter.

8. Dry with larger crystals.

9. So, Mixed with inert fillers (profit margin)

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10. Weighing, packaging, shipping, and repeating

I do real crystal meth, as opposed to most recipes that just make cranks. This is also not hypocrisy, it kicks ammonia, Dolph. My method is quick and the other way is not to give as much odor. It doesn’t require going out and stealing anhydrous ammonia from the farm. I still recommend doing it if you have previous experience making does. Cleaning is also easy. All you have to do is wash away the bottle and throw everything away.

so, These 10 easy steps are all you need to create a super secret ingredient for meta-cancer and become an overnight millionaire in the lucrative field of the drug trade.

how to make crystal meth at home

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Ok, I’ve really just told you how to make sugary water. Did I think I was going to tell you how to harm yourself and others?

Real facts about meta

So, For every pound of filo, about 6 pounds of toxic waste. And the human head weighs 8 pounds.

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Tips and warnings when making crystal meth

For instance, The material that makes the meth is highly flammable and explosive. Many meth labs are equipped with fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, flame-retardant cloths, and diapers.

Taekwondo Federation

Meta mouse mouths have been observed in dental laboratories throughout the United States. However, this condition may not be going by kissing

.Meth Mouth


So, It is not the intention of this website to provide enough detailed information to help aspiring drug dealers create illegal drugs and sell them.


Then, If you want to make meth crystal to sell to someone else, think for a moment if you want this to look back on your life, known as a meth dealer, perhaps in prison or rehabilitation or both. Is this an action you are proud of and will increase your self-esteem?

I know I am preaching here. “Thou shalt not” is probably ringing in your ears. You can now give me a finger or shout the F word. However, that’s all right. You probably feel like you’ve been dupe.

So, You came here looking for how to make crystal meth at home and you got a sermon instead. You have been lectured on the “evil of meth”. But, again what were you looking forward to coming to the drug and alcohol rehab website looking for answers?

This is not a very reasonable idea. And, if you don’t think it’s reasonable, then you may need some help. Just a suggestion, but think about it before you take the next step. This can only be the biggest step in your life.

how to make crystal meth at home

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1 2-liter bottle (with cap)

Also 1 liter bottle (get 2 caps for it)

And 1 in 20 ounces. Bottle (with cap)

Firstly, a 1-quart jar

2 Feet. 1/4in. Diameter rubber/plastic hose (aquarium hose work)


Coffee filter

Secondly, 1 funnel

1 Tubing cutter (go to Home Depot)

2 Plyer

Also, 1 blender of duct tape or electrical tape or 1 roll of food processor roll

200 60mg pseudoephedrine HCL tablets (ticide, sudafedrine, supedrine, etc.)

1 1/2 cups nitrate fertilizer (33-0-0)

3 cans starting fluid

3 AA Senerzizer Retuum Battery

1 bottle of Red Devil Brand Lyle

2 cups of water (use the top off 2 liters)

1 box of oid salts

Also, 1 bottle liquid fire brand drain opener


How to make crystal methamphetamine step by step

1) Rinse and dry all bottles. All moisture must be taken out. Do not go any further until it is completely dry.

2) Put the medicine in a blender or food processor and grind it into powder. Mix with 1 1/2 cups ammonia nitrate fertilizer. Using a funnel, pour the mixture into a 2-liter bottle.

3) Start the fluid upside down and hold the can at the push of a button

Until all the air is out. When the air comes out, use the driver (using a bottle opener) to drill a hole in the bottom of the can. Using the funnel again, pour the liquid (ethyl ether) from the can.

2 liters with nitrate/pill mixture.

4) Now you need to take the lithium strip out of the battery (this is why I recommend experiencing it). Cut the tube cutter into the center of the battery and rotate it until it becomes metal.

The casing is cut off. Be careful not to cut into the container of the battery. Messing up the battery can make it very hot and cause a fire. Next, take 2 players and grab each end of the battery. Pull out each side of the case. When the inside comes out of the case, it is placed in an air-local container (Tupperware, rubber maid, etc.). Can be stored for up to 3 hours. Lithium will become very volatile when exposed to moisture in the air or water. Take care!

5) Unzip the interior of the first battery and remove the lithium strip. The lithium battery has two strips, so don’t get the wrong strip. I don’t want metal with shiny metal around the edges. Place the lithium strips in 2, tearing them into small pieces

liter. Do the same with the other two batteries.

6) Take off the cap from the bottle and fill the cap. pour

This is not only in 2 liters. Use a funnel!

7) how to make crystal meth at home: Take the top of 2 liters and fill it with water. Pour water into 2 liters. Repeat once. You should see a small bubble floating on top of the liquid in the bottle. Also, Place the cap on the bottle and shake it around a little (don’t shake!).

8) Now your dopp cooks (I call it “rolling”). About every five minutes, the cap is released a little, releasing pressure and making it a little more difficult to “roll”. So, Rejoin the cap after about 10 seconds.

Do not breathe too deeply because gaseous ammonia is released.

Other Methods To Obtain Crystal Methamphetamine

In the United States, crystal meth is often illegally manufactured in rural areas and sold in urban areas. The high demand for this drug has led to an increase in crystal meth labs, especially mobile ones that are set up and then move.
The best way to obtain this drug might be from an online vendor. This is because risking meeting a local dealer can be a big trap at times. Many people have been busted on the streets when trying to buy crystal methamphetamine from online vendors.

WARNING: Be sure to test for false positives regularly throughout the procedure to avoid burning yourself!

If you have never done it before, you should practice this procedure on a non-living sample first before trying it on yourself. This will help to remove any possible mistakes that you might make.

How to make crystal methamphetamine

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